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I played the flute for I don’t know how many years when I was young. Yes, that’s me there on the picture. As you can see our flute teacher got several young flutists together to perform. I was certainly not the best one out there.

However, I did like playing, even though I would not consider going back to it now. Singing is much nicer to do when you know you’re never going to be a professional anyhow. That’s my adult opinion. For a kid though, I think it was nice to have an instrument to play. And the sound of that Suzuki flute was good, making it a nice experience. That’s something I don’t think anybody should underestimate: playing an instrument is, even when you’re just starting out, about making music. And it feels better to make music that actually sounds like music.

That’s why I made this site: to help you find yourself, or your child, a flute that sounds good.

About the picture, it’s a scan from my photo album. ‘ik’ means ‘me’ in Dutch. Eva was the girl I had lessons with. I think she was slightly better at the flute than I was, but the difference wasn’t annoying.

Oh and ‘me’ is Katinka Hesselink. I’m best known online for my websites on spirituality, but I also write about making a living online (which I do). And if you’re wondering: yes, if you buy something through a link on this site, I do make a commission.


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