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LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute: the best flute

LJ Hutchen flutes have a reputation for being the best student flutes available. They’re also reasonably priced, though not quite the cheapest (despite what their website says).
When you start learning an instrument, you want it to sound good. However, you don’t know yet how to get it to that point. Mr. Paul Effman taught music at private schools for 30 years, so he knows that frustration first hand. And THAT is why he decided to start LJ Hutchen Fine Band Instruments.

Tired of having substandard instruments in his class, tired of instruments being over priced, tired of screws being loose… He decided to set the standard for affordable high quality Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones, Trumpets and Drums. This page is about their most popular flute: the silver C flute.



LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute with Hardshell Case – CHECK PRICE

  • Closed Hole
  • C-Foot
  • Included Accessories: cleaning rod and plush-lined hard case
  • 2-year warranty
  • Specially Treated Pads for Durability
  • Key configuration designed for all size hands
  • Extra Care Given to Joint Fittings

Users on Amazon are unanimously positive about this flute. In fact, the one customer who started out negative, was so impressed with the customer service, that she wanted to change her star rating (but the Amazon system would not allow it).

Your student flute will be…

My best recommendation

Whether you are giving your flute for Christmas, or buying one to play on yourself – here’s what to look for:

  • Closed holes: a beginner flute will have 16 keys without holes in them. Only professional players will be able to appreciate a flute with open holed keys.
  • Material: nickel or silver plated. Silver is obviously more expensive and prettier
  • Don’t buy a colored flute: They’re low quality, and it takes a practiced player to get a good sound out of them.