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Suzuki FL-SC flute review

I’m partial to Suzuki flutes, because I played one when I was a teen. I played it for years. Sounded great and helped me develop my breathing. However, I have to be frank with you all: their online reviews suck.

So, are Suzuki flutes good?

What seems to happen is that you either get a good Suzuki flute, for a very good price – or you get one that just isn’t ready to be shipped. There are no intermediate reviews to be found. People rave or complain. This is the cheapest silver plated flute on the market.

When it is ready for shipping it’s the perfect flute for beginning/intermediate students. The Suzuki FL-SC Flute features a rich, warm sound with excellent intonation in all registers. Constructed for durability, Suzuki FL-SC Flute has well engineered tenons that ensure perfect fit for long lasting joint life. This flute is constructed with a specially designed embouchure lip plate with beveled undercut hole, advanced design hand adjusted precision rods, posts, and keys, and hand set top grade imported double pads. Also included are hidden adjustment screws that feature real cork and professional style bumpers. All this results in quality sound, ease of playability, and enhanced durability.

Because of all this, most buyers get one with a full warranty, to make sure that if the flute has loose keys or something, you can get another one.

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