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If you have a child who is wanting to learn to play the flute, you might find it a little confusing with all of the choices and price ranges available. A student flute should not be chosen from the price range, but rather from a brand name that you recognize and trust. A lower priced […] Read More

LJ Hutchen flutes have a reputation for being the best student flutes available. They’re also reasonably priced, though not quite the cheapest (despite what their website says). When you start learning an instrument, you want it to sound good. However, you don’t know yet how to get it to that point. Mr. Paul Effman taught […] Read More

The standard western concert flute which are reviewed on this site have 16 holes. This helps it cover three octaves and all the half notes in there. The most common kind is the C-flute, so called because the lowest note is the Middle C. The system of the Western 16 hole flute was designed halfway […] Read More

Since nickel allergies are a real issue, it’s obvious that a silver plated flute is better than a nickel one. However, both are in use as the basic material for student level flutes. The consensus is that silver plated flutes sound better, and of course they look better. Unlike nickel, silver can be polished, which […] Read More

The Hisonic flute is one of the most affordable flutes out there. The reviews are generally positive, though a few people complain of loose cork stops, but replacements are included. The main advantage of this flute is the price, but you won’t be selling yourself short on sound either. The tone is generally beautiful. I […] Read More

I’m partial to Suzuki flutes, because I played one when I was a teen. I played it for years. Sounded great and helped me develop my breathing. However, I have to be frank with you all: their online reviews suck. So, are Suzuki flutes good? What seems to happen is that you either get a […] Read More